Jason R. Themanson, Ph.D

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My research is generally focused in two related areas. In one area, I am interested in understanding self-regulatory cognitive processing and the events or circumstances that lead to the engagement or modification of self-regulation during task execution. More specifically, I am interested in the influences of situational and motivational factors on both one's ability to correctly engage in a cognitive task and one's patterns of neural activation present during the task.
In my other area of research, I am interested in examining patterns of neural activation that are present during ongoing dynamic sports performance, focusing on baseball. This not only gives a real-time indication of the ever-shifting attentional and processing needs of players, but when combined with the well-established neuroscience literature on cognitive task execution, this area of research allows for a more complete understanding of how differences in neural activation can lead to substantial shifts in both a player's processing of their tasks as well as a player's performance behavior.


  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Neurosciences
  • Health Psychology
  • Sports Sciences
  • Social Psychology