Robert C Delvin

Fine Arts Librarian and Professor, Emeritus

Personal profile


I am Robert C. Delvin, Fine Arts Librarian and Professor at Illinois Wesleyan University. I serve as the Ames Library liaison to the Schools of Art, Music, and Theater Arts, as well as Department of Modern and Classical Languages & Literatures. I am active member of the Music Library Association, having served as Chair of the Midwest Chapter, MLA (2004-2006). In addition to the A.M.L.S. degree (University of Michigan, 1980), I hold a B.A. degree in Music (Hope College, 1970) and a M.A. in Music History (Eastern Michigan University, 1972.) My academic interests outside of Library & Information Science, include keyboard and sacred music, pipe organ history, Medieval architecture, and French language studies. I am currently researching the History of Illinois Wesleyan University School of Music.


  • Library and Information Science