Bismuth Compounds in Organic Synthesis. Deprotection of Ketoximes Using Bismuth Bromide-Bismuth Triflate

Ram S. Mohan, Joshua N. Arnold, Patrick D. Hayes, Robert L. Kohaus

Research output: Journal ArticleArticlepeer-review


Ketoximes undergo deprotection in CH3CN/acetone/H2O (3:6:1) in the presence of 20–40 mol% BiBr3/5 mol% Bi(OTf)3. Bismuth(III) salts are relatively non-toxic, insensitive to air and inexpensive. These features coupled with the use of a relatively non-toxic solvent system make this method an attractive alternative to existing routes for deprotection of ketoximes.
Original languageAmerican English
JournalTetrahedron Letters
StatePublished - 2003


  • bismuth and compounds; oximes; deprotection; environment-friendly chemistry.


  • Organic Chemistry

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