Enriching the Language Learning Experience Through Technology

Elena Duve, Leah Nillas, Faculty Advisor, Leah A. Nillas

Research output: Faculty Advisor of Undergraduate Research


This literature review explored the different ways in which technology affects the language skills of second language learners. Multiple case studies, literature reviews, and journal articles were examined to create a conceptual framework illustrating how technology integration affects second language learning. The specific language skills reviewed focused on exposure to culture and authentic language, pronunciation and listening skills, writing and grammar, and vocabulary learning and retention. There are many types of technology used for the many different skills of learning a second language. The results from this review of the literature show that technology, for many reasons, is becoming a big part in the classroom. Although there are some types of technology (e.g., VocabTutor for mobile phone, video listening tests, and blogging (within the classroom)) that do not have an impact on students’ learning, there are many (e.g., multimedia vocabulary learning, blogging (via intercultural exchange), and podcasting) that have a positive impact on the skills it takes to learn a second language.

Original languageAmerican English
StatePublished - Apr 16 2016


  • Education

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