Examining Reproductive Strategies in an Asexually Reproducing Rotifer (Class Bdelloidea)

Kurt Galbreath, '97, William Jaeckle

Research output: Other contribution


Nearly all multicelled organisms exhibit sexual reproduction. Rotifers of the class Bdelloidea, however, seem to be a notable exception to this pattern. No male bdelloid individuals have ever been observed and females apparently reproduce entirely through parthenogenesis. In this study, Philodina sp. was examined with the intent of addressing the following: 1) are bdelloids truly completely asexual? 2) if so, does their reproductive cycle differ significantly from sexually reproducing rotifers (Class Monogononta)? 3) do any such differences suggest an adaptation to an asexual existence?Originally presented in the John Wesley Powell Student Research Conference - April 17, 1997 and used with permission.
Original languageAmerican English
StatePublished - Apr 17 1997


  • Biology
  • Physiology

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