Including the Interactive White Board in a Classroom

Andrew Werkema. '12, Leah A. Nillas

Research output: Faculty Advisor of Undergraduate Research


In the last decade, a new technology has started to make its way into countless classrooms around the world. This technology is the Interactive White Board (IWB) system. This self study project shows ways a teacher can integrate the IWB technology in an elementary school classroom. This study was conducted in a first grade classroom in an urban area through analyzing lessons, student work, and teacher journals. The lessons that were taught all included the use of an IWB in different ways, including viewing of online sources, accessing curriculum materials, providing interactive materials, documenting student or teacher work, modeling, and creating opportunities for students to be active learners. I found that the IWB is an effective tool in both delivery of materials during lessons and assessment.
Original languageAmerican English
StatePublished - Apr 14 2012


  • Education

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