Mind The Gap: And 2 Other Mysteries

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Mind the Gap , a novel, concerns a murder that occurs in London in 2001. Eight students from a university, accompanied by two faculty members, take a "theatrical tour" of London and Stratford, during which they see and discuss twelve plays. But their tour is ruined when one member of the group is murdered. The two other mysteries in Mind the Gap and 2 Other Mysteries , "The Value of Books" and "Midtown Detectives," are relatively brief -- longer than short stories, but decidedly shorter than novels. They both present intriguing tales of suspense, and both are written in styles that contrast markedly with the style of Mind the Gap.

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Original languageAmerican English
StatePublished - Apr 23 2009


  • Mystery fiction
  • murder
  • college students
  • England


  • Fiction

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