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From its inception in 1851 Illinois Wesleyan wished to be known to the world as a university . If by a university is meant a college offering more than one degree, then the name ‘Illinois Wesleyan University’ in its year one was, strictly speaking, accurate: there were to be two courses of study, the scientific and the collegiate (later classical ), leading to Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts respectively. The scientific course, always more popular among students, aimed to ‘prepare young men for teaching, or for business pursuits, by a thorough course of useful and systematic training.’ The scientific course, after a time of suitable work in the ‘preparatory department,’ might be completed in two years of college study. The classical course was the more rigorous of the two, modeled as it was on that of ‘the oldest and best colleges in the United States,’ and needing four full years (again after preparation) to complete.
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StatePublished - Apr 16 2020


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