The Isolation and Characterization of Novel Bacteriophages from Central Illinois

Anthony Bohner, Juie Anne Canter, Drew Cullet, Crystal Diaz, Kati Forman, Munia Mustafsa, Catlin Arrington, Elyse Borchik, Ethan Gelke, Ryan Holden, Sam Sorenson, Brenden Wall, Da Wang, Lauren Awdziejczyk, Stephen Whitfield, David Bollivar, Faculty Advisor, Loni Walker, Faculty Advisor, Abigail Kerr

Research output: Conference PosterPoster


Members of the Illinois Wesleyan University General Biology Science Education Alliance (SEA) laboratory isolated and characterized a number of distinctive mycobacteriophages. Each student collected soil samples from the central Illinois area then used streak assays and titrations to isolate unique phages that infect Mycobacterium smegmatis . Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and DNA restriction enzyme digests were used to determine the morphology and tentative cluster placement of each phage. By the end of the semester, fifteen novel phages were isolated with a wide range of characteristics, despite the small sampling area. This data was submitted to the Mycobacteriophage DataBase. After analysis and class discussion, the DNA from three different phages were sent to the University of Pittsburgh for genome sequencing.

Original languageAmerican English
StatePublished - Apr 14 2012

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