The Value of Library Publishing & Undergraduate Education

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Please join us for a special session at ACRL 2013 in Indianapolis to learn about three different library-led publishing programs – digital monographs at Utah State University, undergraduate journals and conferences at Illinois Wesleyan University, and technical reports at Purdue University – and the impact they have had on each university’s broader mission. By lowering barriers and creating opportunities to publish across the entire continuum of scholarly content, these libraries have found new ways to support faculty research, the student experience, and the public university’s role in the state.

At Utah State, the library has enhanced its University Press by bringing new visibility to back list books, and has supported new faculty research with a platform for digitally-native open access monographs and experiments in new digital formats. At Illinois Wesleyan, the library helps the university deliver high-impact learning practices by giving students the tools of scholarly publishing. And at Purdue University, the library publishes an extensive series of technical reports in partnership with the State of Indiana, bringing professional publishing services and much greater visibility to state-funded research.

Speakers will reflect on how they have made the case for their publishing program to the university as a whole, including the quantitative and qualitative metrics that they’ve used to articulate the impact of their programs. As library-led publishing programs grow, many librarians need ways to articulate the value and impact of these programs to their universities, and we hope that this panel will provide a variety of models and ideas.

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