Three New Species of Pris timan tis (Anura: Leptodactylidae) From the Cordillera de Huancabamba in Northern Peru

Edgar Lehr, Cesar Aguilar, Karen Sie-Ting, Juan Carlos Jordan

Research output: Journal ArticleArticlepeer-review


Three new species of Pristimantis are described from montane forests and pa´ramos at elevations of 1900–3200 m in the Cordillera de Huancabamba in the northern Peruvian departamentos de Cajamarca and Piura. The new species are assigned to the Pristimantis unistrigatus Group and are compared with species from southern Ecuador and northern Peru. One of the new species has a black W-shaped occipital fold, and the groin, anterior and posterior surfaces of the thigh, the concealed surface of tarsus, and axilla are blackish brown with yellowish-orange or reddish-orange flecks. The second species has an olive green dorsum with black and brown flecks, and a yellow groin and the anterior and posterior surfaces of thighs are yellow. Another species is unique in having blue flecks in the groin and on the anterior and posterior surfaces of the thigh and ventral surfaces of the shank.
Original languageAmerican English
StatePublished - 2007


  • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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